The Fresh Truck mission is to improve community health and health literacy by making fresh, affordable produce widely accessible to all Boston residents and by hosting interactive educational programming around healthy eating.


We envision a healthier Boston where residents, regardless of income level or neighborhood location, can conveniently shop for all of the fruits and vegetables that they would ever wish to eat.

How We Got Started

Co-founder Josh Trautwein conceived the idea for Fresh Truck while working for the Fitzgerald Youth Sports Institute, at the Charlestown MGH Healthcare Center. Josh learned from families that the inconvenience of shopping for fresh produce posed a challenge to healthy eating. For many of the families, traveling to shop at a grocery store took anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Many of these families instead elected to shop at corner store markets, which feature a narrower selection of less fresh and more expensive produce.

After further research, Josh and co-founder Daniel Clarke became aware of just how extensive the issue of produce accessibility and affordability is throughout Boston, and came to understand the relationship between food deserts and diet-related health issues. Together, Josh and Dan crafted the vision for Fresh Truck to eradicate food deserts and make Boston a healthier city.