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Aileen Getty

Aileen Getty is the founder of Gettlove a foundation created to acknowledge and respond to the Homeless living in desperate circumstances on the streets of Hollywood.

Boston Medical Center Healthnet Plan

Boston Medical Center Healthnet Plan is a non-profit managed care organization committed to providing the highest quality healthcare coverage to underserved populations in Boston.

BRS Cares, Red Door Hospitality, Fast Track Fabrication

BRS Cares is the employee driven and company embraced Pay it Forward initiative by Building Restoration Services Corp. We are dedicated to making a difference in the communities we serve and live in by empowering and enabling others to make meaningful contributions. We subscribe to the belief that investing in the community is not only an opportunity but an obligation. We intend to develop and participate in creating initiatives that promote a legacy of goodwill.

Maplehurst Builders, INC.

Maplehurst Builders, INC. specializes in the redevelopment of under-utilized urban properties in Boston neighborhoods by artfully blending classic architecture with contemporary details.

Crossfit On The Hill

CrossFit On the Hill is a gym affiliated with CrossFit, Inc.  We have revolutionized the fitness industry by providing a gym solution to the community with scientific training methods and nutritional guidance that elicit results.

darius and dol biked 3,682 miles through the northern tier of the country for fresh truck!

About Fresh Truck Across America

Darius and Dol are two great friends of Josh that are packing up and riding their bikes across America to raise funds for Fresh Truck. Both guys are passionate about Fresh Truck’s mission to improve community health and health literacy, being avid nutrition enthusiasts themselves. They’ll be posting updates and checking in with farms and health programs along their way, so keep up to date by following them @FreshTruckBikes. Wish them luck!


Dol grew up in Massachusetts enjoying bike rides with his family throughout his childhood before moving to Boston to attend Northeastern University. Needing a faster way to get around the city (no offense MBTA), Dol rekindled his love for the life on two wheels and began cycling again, at first just for getting around the city and then venturing out further and completing multi-day treks. Throughout this time, his interest in diet and nutrition was also sparked as he learned the importance that food played in his ability to not only cycle but more importantly to live a healthy lifestyle. Providing access to nutritious foods and educating people so that they can make informed eating decisions has become increasingly important to him over the years and is why he is so excited to ride for Fresh Truck this summer!


Darius is a Colorado native who left his home state to attend college at Northeastern in Boston. Darius met Dol at the beginning freshman year and have been close friends ever since. The two of them took up road cycling after graduation, and often spend vacations going on multi-day cycling trips. Through these excursions Darius has learned the necessities for equipping his body with the necessary nutrients to properly prepare, maintain stamina, and recover from the long distance treks. Darius is proud to support Fresh Truck’s mission to improve communities most in need, and most importantly to educate these communities on proper nutrition habits.

 Click here to read more about Darius and Dol's journey!

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Aileen Getty
Patrick Burke
Michael R Goulet
Robert & Christine Clarke
Stephen Kelliher
Mike Offner
Bob Mason
Dennis Coughlin
Lakshmi Sridhar
Lakshmi Gubbala
Glenn Kelly
Linda Meisinger
Connor Rose
andreas aigner
Steve Garfield
Kevin O Hawkins
Brad Bissell
Francesca Scarito
Steven Clarke
Daniel & Susann Clarke
Paul Vaitkus
Ganesh Subramanian
Srinivas Shankara
Patrick Clarke
Mareill Kiernan
jason esposito
Ralph Branca
Kiruba Murugaiah
Ziba Cranmer
Subbarao Punnamaraju
Eric Cooper
Andrew Witherbee
Mike Markarian
Erna ChagnonSmith
Catherine Hermanson
Venkata Krishna Vutukuri
Everett Hoffman
Robert A Durkin
Howard Leibowitz
Coulter Lewis
Tomas Pickering
Karen Liljegren
Andrew Hickson
Jessica Mix Barrington
Diana Rigor
Dan Pullman
Philip Trautwein
Jane Ackermann
kevin dunn
Sara Lane
Alex Mazin
Jesse Morris
Palo A. Peirce
Sandra Skinner
Amy Kondo
Priscilla Ballou
David Meyers
Ellen R
Molly Clarke
William Karavites
Kris Pelletier
Steve Ferree
Coby Lieblein
Anne Clarke
Betty Erickson
George Thampy
Chef Paul Lively
Jonathan Berg
Brittney Borruso
Michael Besenjak
Lauren Pihokken
Catherine Pihokken
Lunchtime Studios
Emily Griffin
Julia Legas
Jeremy Potter
Morgan C
Vikas Patel
Jose Miguel Orozco
Lisa Mancini
Verone Lynn
Kevin Devine
Audrey Gaskins
Molly Kirby Robson
Tony Pavelko and Gina DiMaggio
Shohana Jannat
Jackie Forbus
Dan Embrey
Pamela Hoover Forbus
Vince Arrigo
Faraz Butte
Amanda Petersen
Greg Neil Dorr
Abby Kruse
Madeline Dahl
Ximena Tovar
Delia Harrington
Khalil Alsayed
Margery Powell
Julianne Lemelin
Jessica Reader
Alana Lynch
Amelia Mochny
Victoria L Nadel
Hannah Belsky
Tim Sayers
Courtney Kiesow
Jennifer Winthrop
Matt Lau
Jes Rooks
Debbie Block
Barbara Gengler
Higher Ground Farm
Hubert Murray
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Katrina Kazda van Naerssen
Joshua Maran
Lydia Silva
Dan Kelleher
Michaela Joyce D’Amico
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Sandra Hutchinson
Emerald Levick
Noora Kragenbrink
Lisa Newman
Mercado Agrícola Natural
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Alexandra Holbrook
Heather Townsend
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Ming Destiny
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Andrew Cho
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Pat Conarro
Stephen Rickli
Juicing Bar
Laura Bernstein
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Ben Hassenger
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Michele Galla
Bob Schwartz
havell rodrigues
Kris Butler
Casey Grady
Alyssa Kropp
Bryan DeBusk
Suzanne Wholley
Megan Browning
Christopher Wolfel
Katie Delorme
Dabney McAvoy
Jennifer Pinkham Davis
Krista Tietjen
Neil Wilson
Patrick Lusk
Ross Mazur
Justin P. Moore
Jack Schultz
Adam Travis
Tom Barnes
Daniele Bergeron & Douglas Murphy
Erica Mattison
Tara Gestrich
Matthew TheGreat

Linda Meisinger
Connor Rose
andreas aigner
Steve Garfield
William Andrés Durán
Mike Giacometti
charles robert stanton
Nikita Duke
Nicole Fonsh
Cameron Colby Thomson
Barbara Movius
Pablo Ablanedo
Chris McCubbin
John Vines
Crystal Silver
Valerie Leiter
Betty DeLise
Jeffrey Masters
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Patricia Lipkin
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Linda Trautwein
Patricia Clark
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Michelle Caldeira
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