Bringing healthy food to the people!

Community engagement

Communities identify the need for increased access to fresh and affordable healthy food options and then Fresh Truck snaps into action!

Delivery schedule

Fresh Truck operates on a regular weekly schedule, serving at least one neighborhood each day at 2-3 different locations. We coordinate with farmers markets and other programs to ensure that there are always fresh fruits and vegetables available in your community!

Shopping on Fresh Truck

Fresh Truck greets customers with laid-back tunes and a colorful selection of fresh fruits, veggies and other healthy foods. Come on board the truck, browse our healthy foods, pay on board and exit out through a built-in staircase.

Partnership network

We work with local health centers, schools, and other community partners to serve as a direct access point for healthy food options. Fresh Truck supports educational programs in nutrition, meal preparation and urban agriculture to promote a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Our social business model

Fresh Truck is structured as a Benefit Corporation with a charter that is built on our commitment to improving community health over all else. This social business model lends itself to scale, efficiency, sustainability and big impact.